Snow Leopard and madwimax

If you’re one of the Yota’s frustrated users, me is also included, because of lack support for Snow Leopard, then here is a possible solution, though being currently under development, that could possibly make you a bit happier and fill your soul with hope:

Note, that this solution is under development and there is no guarantee it will work for you but still it’s the only option we all have at the moment. As far as I know, the patches have been already sent to the upstream project (madwimax) so it’s expected to become more matured in the near future. For now, lets say “Thank you” to the guys who’ve made it possible: siglost, kesik and of course the initial author of madwimax Alexander Gordeev.

The Mac Hacker’s Handbook

Have just turned over the last page of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook” and I’d like to admit that this book is not intended for faint-hearted. To tell the truth, reading this book filled me with controversial sensations. On the one hand, this book has flooded me up with tons of useful information and interesting references, one could/should/must (underscore resting on your preferences) follow to extend their mental outlook and scope of interests. It’s quite coherent and definitely there is a logical in the way it’s laid out, but, on the other hand, don’t even think about finding a clean answer to your “Why? and How?” questions inside this book. Nevertheless there are a lot of code samples it’s drastically lacks the explanation part and that’s why you’ll have to hit up on most everything whilst reading this book. Is it a disadvantage? I’m inclined to believe it’s not but a sort of a hurdle that tries to encourage a reader to do a bit of self-studying. To be honest, after I’m done with reading I don’t feel that I’ve comprehended even one third of the materials presented to me. That’s why, once all the newly obtained knowledge is absorbed, I’ll give it another try to connect all the pieces together.