Sleeping in a /vol

If running “ls -l /” stalls but the same command to any other directory works seamlessly then most probably you’re hitting the following issue. To confirm that use truss:

# truss ls -l
lstat64("/vol", 0xFFBFF8E8)     (sleeping...)

Additionally try “grep /var/adm/message” for NFS errors:

# grep NFS /var/adm/messages
NFS server for volume management (/vol) not responding still trying

If everything matches then simply “umount /vol” (use -f to forcibly unmount). This issue happens because of the discrepancy between what is written in /etc/mnttab and the actual state of affairs. In my case it was:

# grep "/vol" /etc/mnttab
ss5:vold(pid4985)  /vol  nfs  ignore,noquota,dev=5300004   1248249505

But there wasn’t such pid in the process list:

# ps -ef | grep 4985
root  5941  6705  0 13:29:34 pts/5    0:00 grep 4985

Once you manage to umount /vol everything should return back to normal.

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