A generous road policeman

As far as I know it’s a common practice amongst the drivers all over the globe to warn each other by blinking with upper-beam whenever there is a road-police on an ambush ahead. In my country it looks quite ugly and ridiculous at the same time to watch them lurking in the bushes, behind the trees or even hiding in the old, abandoned and rusty cars parked by the side-road. It all reminds me a “catch me if you can” game. Anyway, that was a preamble and here is the story.
Yesterday when I was on my way home driving through the under-construction part of a highway where the speed is currently limited by 50 km/h. As usual I received few warnings from the cars going in the opposite direction about another ambush when I noticed something very strange and extremely unusual – one of the cars wasn’t just an ordinary one but a road-police car. Sic! It was just beyond my comprehension but made me elated for the rest of the day.

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