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The Mac Hacker’s Handbook

Have just turned over the last page of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook” and I’d like to admit that this book is not intended for faint-hearted. To tell the truth, reading this book filled me with controversial sensations. On the one hand, this book has flooded me up with tons of useful information and interesting references, […]

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Solaris 10 Internals

Just finished re-reading few chapters of Solaris 10 Internals and I must admin this book is truly awesome. It’s not only because it’s well written and very detailed but also spiced with code examples and this fact just encourages you to dive deeper and deeper. Moreover, this book covers some topics (i.e. Memory, The Process […]

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Choosing a VPS hosting

And so, since the rate of problems and issues of all kinds has slowed down and I could now breathe with relief, I’d like to share my story of picking out a VPS hosting. Please, don’t get me wrong and don’t treat this post as another commercial – it’s not. As soon as the idea […]

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ZFS source tour

Whilst reading another highly interesting and cognitive post about ZFS SLOG from Brendan Gregg I came across a valuable link that holds a brief overview of ZFS related source code. Devote a little part of your time to familiarize with ZFS structure and its main building blocks. It’s definitely worth that and, who knows, may […]

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