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And so, since the rate of problems and issues of all kinds has slowed down and I could now breathe with relief, I’d like to share my story of picking out a VPS hosting. Please, don’t get me wrong and don’t treat this post as another commercial – it’s not.
As soon as the idea of having my personal blog had firmly stuck in my head, I started to look around for any means of achieving that. At first I tried to use service but soon enough I realized that I wanted to have more control over my small spot of presence and to be responsible for everything that relates to running a personal web site. I wasn’t after anything special, nor I needed a help to configure the environment and, what was more important I didn’t intend to spend more than 20$ per month. That brought me to the single option – VPS or Virtual Private Server. Googling didn’t help much since the range of offerings and price tags was, and it’s still true, stunning. And all that just made me puzzled for a while. I spent sometime rambling through forums looking for a hint. During one of such wanderings I came across a post that mentioned PhotonVPS, just a few words asking for a hands-on experience (I’d visited their site before and found them alluring but was afraid to burn my fingers) and since there wasn’t any negative reply I decided to try it myself. To tell the truth, the choice I made was 100% heart based but after one month I’m assured that it was absolutely a right choice.
See it yourself, I pay 11$ for 20GB of disk space, 500GB of traffic and 512MB dedicated (burstable to 1.5GB) RAM for a semi-managed VPS hosting with pledged 99.9% availability. The server was up and running in thirty minutes after I effected the payment and lately the response from the support team was supersonic and so far I haven’t had any outages. I only had a single issue going from Fedora 5 up to Fedora 10 when during the upgrade from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 rpm database went corrupted to the point of no return. But even in that case the support team worked brilliantly and reinstalled everything from the scratch in less than an hour, noteworthy to mention, that before proceeding I was asked for the confirmation to double check that I didn’t mind to lose everything. Since by that time I hadn’t had anything valuable it was an easy decision.
In the end of the day, I’m truly satisfied and just want to express undying gratitude!

P.S. I hope this post won’t put a whammy on PhotonVPS ;-)

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