How to quickly fix osad failure to connect to the SpaceWalk server

If one day you noticed that you spacewalk client had started to spit at you with the following errors – just know that it’s very easy to fix.

2012/03/15 17:17:43 +04:00 29835 osad/jabber_lib.setup_connection(‘Connected to jabber server’, ‘spacewalk-server-name’)
2012/03/15 17:17:43 +04:00 29835 osad/jabber_lib.register(‘ERROR’, ‘Invalid password’)

  1. Stop spacewalk
  2. rhn-satellite stop
    rm -f /var/lib/jabberd/db/*
  3. Connect to Postgresql and run this trivial sql
  4. delete from rhnPushDispatcher;
  5. Back to the cli and start Spacewalk processes back
  6. rhn-satellite start
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