Samurai. Art of War

This is the second time the exhibition “Samurai. Art of War” is being presented in Moscow. And even if you have visited the first one and still hesitate whether to attend an exhibition with the same name for the second time then here is my advise – drop away all your doubts and fears because behind the illusive similarity it’s absolutely different in every sense. First of all it’s bigger and holds more installations and the display units. Besides, all of them are original armors and swords, tsubas (guard), wood-prints, kimonos and more. Amongst them one of the four Muramasa sword that’s has reached our days after these swords fell out of favor with the Japanese government and Muramasa swords were forbidden and had to be melted down. The ones who disobeyed and kept them were treated as a threat to the Emperor and were killed together with their entire family members. Another glorious exhibit is a complete armor of Oda Nobunaga. What is interesting about this unit is its mask. Traditionally, the masks were used to intimidate or to mislead a foe and that’s why a matured and experienced samurai could wear a mask that depicted a youngster whilst a greenhorn, on the contrary, could be hiding behind a mask with a ferocious expression. But Oda Nobunaga ordered a mask with his own face – even his name, not mentioning his face, could instill terror into his enemies and that’s why there was no point in hiding his face.
The second notable difference, is that now there is a guide who would kindly walk you through the entire exhibition and would in vivid wording acquaint yourself with Japanese culture, traditions, legends and would give you a sense of what it was like to be a true Samurai.
You could find more information and discount details on the official web site –
Enjoy and don’t miss it.

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