Disk replacement with VxVM

Be aware, that with Solaris 10 and VxVM MP3 a correct disk replacement procedure now looks as described here:

# vxdisk rm
Offline and Unconfigure the Lun
# luxadm -e offline /dev/rdsk/s2
# cfgadm -c unconfigure -o unusable_SCSI_LUN cX::
Cleanup/Recreate device Tree
# devfsadm -Cv
Recreate and Rescan VxVM devices.
# vxddladm stop eventsource
# mv disk.info disk.backup
# mv array.info array.backup
# rm /dev/vx/dmp/*
# rm /dev/vx/rdmp/*
# vxdisk scandisks
# vxdctl enable
# vxddladm start eventsource

Otherwise, you’re going to put yourself at risk to admire the following error message every time “vxdct enable” command is invoked:

VxVM vxdctl ERROR V-5-1-0 Data Corruption Protection Activated – User Corrective Action Needed
VxVM vxdctl INFO V-5-1-0 To recover, first ensure that the OS device tree is up to date (requires OS specific commands).
VxVM vxdctl INFO V-5-1-0 Then, execute ‘vxdisk rm’ on the following devices before reinitiating device discovery:

Stumbled upon this issue myself, when replacing two disks in D240 JBOD.

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