Save Oracle/Sun from Monty and alike.

Few days ago I received a humble entreaty from Monty Creator of MySQL to step in and save his child from dirty beast whose name is Oracle. I must confess, that whilst this stinky story had been evolving and surging up I tried to publicly keep silence (I do clear understand that my voice could hardly be heard anyway) in hope that common sense would prevail over. But to my dissatisfaction it didn’t happen. I’m not going into the loop repeating all the arguments and opinions that MySQL won’t die even if Oracle, after the years of being a strong MySQL supporter, decides to abandon it – the probability of such step is the same as if a meteorite smashes our green earth one day. But seriously, Oracle and MySQL are two strong players but from absolutely different leagues, they don’t even nearly compete. So why did they choose Oracle as the object for their attacks and not PostgreSQL or Firebird?! In that case I could’ve understood that. In my country we have a saying that “Good always wins over evil” but nowadays it has undergone a modification – “Loot always wins over evil”. My believe is that something similar is happening here – don’t forget who has sold MySQL in the first place…

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