RLE and SL500

As I predicted in my previous post, you could never be 100% sure about this library, and unfortunately I was right. This time I had a weird issue when two of four tape drives (0,2,2,9 and 0,2,3,9) in the DEM were reported as inoperable whilst the other two were fine. But when I swapped the faulty and the healthy, they just changed their roles, so the problem persisted with the slots and the drives were actually fine. So replacing RLE card was in fact a logical decision because the drives in DEM are plugged into it. The truth is, with SL500 even the most obvious solution could be only the very first step towards a complete resolution. In my situation the ramification is the following:
– RLM;
– RLC;
– Cables that connects RLE and RLM;

Pick one and make a bet!

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