Netbackup’s error 96.

Actually this error is trivially easy to overcome.

# bperror -S 96
unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available
The tape manager (bptm) could not allocate a new volume for backups.
This indicates that the storage unit has no more volumes available in the
volume pool for this backup. Note that NetBackup will not change storage
units during the backup.

All it says is that we’ve ran out of free tapes in our pool. Use the following command to get a list of available recommendations from Symantec.

# bperror -S 96 -r

In absolutely most cases all that you’ll have to do to resolve the issue is just to find an appropriate tape and expire it. Doing so, the expired tape will be automatically placed into the ScratchPool, don’t tell me that you don’t have it ;-), from which it will be lately reused when your backup job starts on the schedule.

# bpmedialist
# bpexpdate -d 0 -m BU0001


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