Disable mpxio per vendor basis

If you ever wondered about disabling mpxio not only per port but per vendor basis then you’d be surprised to know how easy it’s really to fulfill. Just edit /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf file appropriately:

device-type-scsi-options-list =
"VendorID1ProductID1", "disable-option",
"VendorID2ProductID2", "disable-option",
"VendorIDnProductIDn", "disable-option";
disable-option = 0x7000000;

So if you, just like me, want to disable mpxio for Hitachi 9570 just add the following few lines to /kernel/drv/scsi_vhci.conf:

device-type-scsi-options-list =
"HITACHI DF600F", "disable-option";

disable-option = 0x7000000;

Note. VendorID must be exactly 8 characters long, so if it’s not (Hiatchi is 7 characters in length) just add extra spaces.

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