Data restoration from tape

Recently I had to restore some data from a tape written by means of Netbackup, so solely for the reference purposes I decided to write this short post.
First we need to mount the tape, I did this using robtest utility, and perfrom a robot’s inventory to make Netbackup aware about a new tape. Keep in mind that sometimes barcode visible on the tape itself could not much with what has been written on the tape during the backup. This discrepancy could be a result of different Netbackup’s barcode rules. To double check, use more e.g. more /dev/rmt/13cbn
After that I ran the following set of commands:

bpimport -create_db_info -id F006L1 -L /tmp/bpimport.log
bplist -C client's_name -l -t 4 -R /
bprestore -B -S source -D destination -C client's_name -t 0  \\
-L /tmp/bprestore.log -R /tmp/rename_file /what/to/restore
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