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Oracle’s filming about ZFS

If you haven’t already seen these two introductory videos that explains from the high level perspective different aspects of ZFS, i.e. deduplication and ZFS dynamic LUN expansion, then here they are available to all of us by courtesy of George Wilson and Deirdré Straughan : ZFS Dynamic LUN expantion ZFS Deduplication Enjoy!

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Runlevels in HP-UX and Solaris

In the following post I’d like to dwell upon differences between the run levels in Solaris and HP-UX. So first, lets take a quick look at the description (man init(1M)) of the run levels which are supported in these two operating systems: HP-UX Solaris Apart from obvious distinctions between run levels with the same numbers, […]

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Expanding Solaris filesystem

Of course, you know about growfs command which is a key tool if you’re aiming at expanding a UFS file system in non-destructive way. But sometimes you may see the following error message as a result of growfs attempt: failed to disable logging The reason why this error happens is not obvious though. From the […]

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SunFire 4810 upgrade to Solaris 10u8 issue

Yesterday, I was doing a planned upgrade of SunFire 4810 to Solaris 10u8 and faced the following error just awhile after invoking “boot net – install”. It’s worth noting that prior to OS upgrade I’d successfully updated OBP to the latest release – 5.20.14. SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_141444-09 64-bit Copyright 1983-2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. […]

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Moving ZFS disk into Solaris with UFS

Doing another jumpstart installation I stumbled upon the following error: Processing profile – Opening Flash archive – Validating Flash archive – Selecting all disks – Configuring boot device ERROR: The boot disk (c0t0d0) is not selected ERROR: Flash installation failed Solaris installation program exited. An obvious decision was to check the disk with format utility. […]

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Send a complete zfs pool

Imagine, that you have a zfs pool with dozens of zfs datasets which you need to migrate to another box. “How do I accomplish that” is a reasonable question. Actually, that’s dead easy with zfs send/receive mechanism: # zpool list zones NAME SIZE USED AVAIL CAP HEALTH ALTROOT zones 67.5G 30.5G 37.0G 45% ONLINE – […]

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MPxIO unveiled

Another must see video has been published on Sun Video Blog and this time it’s all about MPxIO. So if you been looking for in-depth explanation of how things work from multipathing perspective in Solaris you’re more than welcome to follow to this link. I decided to embed the videos into this post just in […]

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zpool split in-details

If you’re interested in the inner details of how newly integrated ZFS’s “zpool split” feature works then this link is really a good start.

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SDC’s big theory

Just copy-pasting a high-level description of new SDC scheduling class taken from corresponding PSARC discussion to ease future reference. /* * The System Duty Cycle (SDC) scheduling class * ——————————————– * * Background * * Kernel threads in Solaris have traditionally not been large consumers * of CPU time. They typically wake up, perform a […]

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Brendan Gregg talks about DTrace

Another fantastic presentation from Brendan and just like all the previous ones it’s a must seen video

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