I’m a racker

I’ve finally evaporated into the sky and moved my modest blog into the cloud hosting. The reason for this step was quite common – my previous VPS provider has been doing a marvelous job and always has been a quick responser to any issues I had. Unfortunately, the number of the support tickets began to curve up and what alerted me most was the fact that all of them were of the same kind – “Please, reboot my VPS”. I’ve been patient until one day the server was rebooted… but hadn’t come online. The support team told me that the only way to go was a complete reinstall. That was the last drop that overflowed the cup. Thankfully, I’ve been given the backups so I could quickly move everything into a cloud. In the end of a day I’ve noticed several advantages from migrating under a wing of a new provider:

  • Noticeably faster and I could feel the better responsiveness even with 256MB instead of 512MB of RAM.
  • Moderate price.
  • Xen environment (was using Vertuozzo previously).
  • Highly configurable, e.g. there are 14 options for Linux distros that one could choose from, an option to increase RAM online, weekly, daily or on-demand backups.

Truly, every cloud has a silver lining.

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