Steadfast tin soldier

Lat weekend was very saturated with events of every sort and kind. First of all, since we’ve finally entered into summer time, I moved away from stuffy and noisy Moscow, into country side but the drawback was quite noticeable – from now on, since I will be bouncing between Moscow and my new place daily for the next three months, I will also have to spend in the traffic jams at list 4-5 per day sitting locked in a car. Gosh! Anyway, the overall results tremendously outweighs all inconveniences, plus, apart from living in a quiet and neat place, all the nice and beautiful sightseeing spots near Moscow became closer. To one of such places, Borodino, we set of on Sunday.

This is one of the most memorable and exiting places I’ve ever been to. Endless, picturesque sceneries, profoundly sprinkled with blood of soldiers defending the Fatherland

Here, every last Sunday of May, a kid’s festival called “Steadfast tin soldier” is carried out. During the feast everyone could observe old military bivouac of Napoleon’s epoch, admire viewing the marching soldiers vested in old military attire, with shakos on their heads and armed with the muskets. There are also many people in quaint dressing could be seen hanging around. Purely fantastic!

Overtly speaking, this event by itself is very rich in every aspect: the atmosphere, the mood and the overall openness, the moral and the historical inflation. Very touching and it’s simply impossible to stay indifferent.

The culmination of the festival is a reconstruction of episodes of Battle of Borodino, that took place here almost 200 years ago in 1812, with cannons, cavalry, real blasting, clods of soil and smog caused by shooting from muskets. Spectacular sight!

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